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              Enterprise Financial Management Association of China

              Talent Evaluation

              A talent fostering system and capability-centered evaluation system developed according
              to thenational human resources development plan and procedures issued
              by relevant departments of the state government.

              Service Procedures for the Talent Pool of Enterprise Financial Management

              Chapter 1 General Provisions

              Article 1

              The service procedures are created for the continued evaluation and education of enterprise financial management talents and the delivery of standardized services as required by the Talent Pool of Enterprise Financial Management. The Talent Pool is jointly developed by the Enterprise Financial Management Association of China (hereinafter referred to as EFMAC) and the National Human Resources Flow Center of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (hereinafter referred to as the National Human Resources Center) to comprehensively improve the capability and performance of enterprise financial management talents in the spirit of the Directives on Deepening the Reform of Human Resources Development Mechanism and the National Plan for the Long and Medium-Term Development of Human Resources (2010-2020).

              Article 2

              The objectives of the Talent Pool are: to build a talent service system for the fostering of professional enterprise financial managers, based on the general requirements of human resources investors and markets and the personal needs of financial managers for professional development, to provide dynamic services on the identification, training, evaluation and flow of enterprise financial management talents and to create a channel for these talents at different professional grades to achieve career success.

              Article 3

              EFMAC formulates Procedures for the Evaluation of Enterprise Financial Management Talents and carries out evaluations on enterprise financial management talents in accordance with the directions of the Plan for Organizational Reforms and Function Transformations Issued by the State Council and the approved scope of business. All financial management talents having gone through the evaluation are brought into the Talent Pool and can access the services of the Talent Pool.

              Article 4

              The Talent Pool services are composed of evaluation, capability improvement, talent flow and integrity file service.

              Article 5

              EFMAC as the only nation-level non-government institution for enterprise financial management is responsible for the operations of the Talent Pool and the delivery of evaluations and capability improvement services. The National Human Resources Center, as a government institution involved in developing the national standards on human resources services and establishing the Talent Pool, is responsible for the administration of the Talent Pool, human resources flow and integrity file services.

              Article 6

              The principle of high quality, efficiency and effectiveness is adhered to in the management of the Talent Pool, in order to provide continued services for enterprise financial management talents and help all types of enterprise financial managers to realize their values.

              Chapter 2 Evaluations and Upgrades

              Article 7

              The Enterprise Financial Management Human Resources Evaluation Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Evaluation Committee) is set up by EFMAC to formulate Procedures for the Evaluation of Enterprise Financial Management Human Resources and Detailed Rules on the Implementation the Evaluation Procedures, and carry out the evaluation work.

              Article 8

              The evaluation is targeted on enterprise financial management workers and chairpersons of boards and managing directors, whose work are related to financial management. People having passed the evaluation will be admitted into the financial management talent pool and nominated as candidates for the corporate governance talent pool operated by the National Human Resources Center.

              Article 9

              The following principles are complied with in the evaluation of enterprise financial management talents:

              • 1) Professional ethics, capability and performance are given equal importance;
              • 2) Continued study for personal development and actual performance in corporate value generation are both considered;
              • 3) Reviews by EFMAC and evaluations by enterprises are run in parallel.

              Article 10

              Enterprise financial management talents who are admitted into the Talent Pool can present, out of their own needs and will, written applications for grade promotions. Upgrade applications are approved by the Evaluation Committee if applicants are considered qualified after a review of their professional ethics, capabilities and performance.

              Chapter 3 Capability Improvement

              Article 11

              Capability improvement is aimed at promoting the ability and performance of enterprise financial management talents through continued online learning and offline training programs.

              Article 12

              Online learning includes grade courses and non-grade courses. Grade courses are training programs oriented to upgrade reviews. Non-grade courses are not upgrade-oriented courses.
              Grade courses and non-grade courses are defined by the Evaluation Committee.

              Article 13

              Enterprise financial management talents can select training courses according to the needs of their employers and their own.

              Article 14

              Any institutions or individuals can provide training courses to the Talent Pool on the review and approval of the Evaluation Committee.

              Chapter 4 Talent Flow

              Article 15

              Talent flow refers to services delivered through the Talent Pool to enterprises and financial management talents for recruitment and job seeking.

              Article 16

              Individuals can publish their recruitment needs and launch searches or inquires in the Talent Pool and they are accountable for the truthfulness of the published information. Enterprises can recruit financial management talents through the Talent Pool according to their needs.

              Article 17

              Human resources service providers can access the Talent Pool for their recruiting services on the approval of the National Human Resources Center.

              Chapter 5 Integrity files

              Article 18

              The content of integrity files include: education, work experiences, employers and positions or posts, professional titles, qualifications and certificates and integrity records. Every talent admitted into the Talent Pool should complete a letter of integrity, which is used as a basis for lifetime integrity files.

              Article 19

              Every talent admitted in the Talent Pool is required to set up a integrity file and accountable for its truthfulness.

              Article 20

              Anyone providing untruthful information shall be deprived of his or her qualification for admission into the Talent Pool and recorded into the blacklist.

              Article 21

              The Talent Pool can provide integrity file services for institutions and individuals. The Talent Pool can produce integrity certifications for individuals or institutions on application.

              Chapter 6 Supplementary Provision

              Article 22

              The right of interpretation of the procedures rests with EFMAC and the National Human Resources Center.

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