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              Enterprise Financial Management Association of China
              The purpose of the European Investment Desk initiative is to provide our members with a point of contact they can turn to if they are contemplating an investment into Europe. Our Desk Team consists of reputable business professionals with contacts to Europe’s key investment destinations.
              The Desk Team
              Tamás ónody

              Chairman of the Hungarian Corporate Treasury Club Member of the Board and former Vice Chairman of the European Association of Corporate Treasurers.

              David Li

              Deputy Secretary General of the Enterprise Financial Management Association of China

              The European Marketplace
              The European Economic Area is made up of 31 key European countries with a total population of more than 500 million and and average GDP of more than USD 40,000 per capita.
              The 31 countries are organized into a free market where goods, services, capital and employees move without restrictions. This creates a healthy economic competition between the 31 countries that strive to attract investors with various financial and other incentives.
              Several of the largest Chinese enterprises have already established subsidiaries in one or more of the above jurisdictions and gained unhindered access to this wealthy and consumption oriented marketplace. European countries are open and welcoming to Chinese investors and offer the same business conditions to Chinese owned enterprises as to their own.
              How We Can Help You
              The European Investment Desk is a free source of information about the key business conditions in European jurisdictions. If your company is interested in the macroeconomic situation, the general tax and legal environment, the available incentives, the types of companies investors can choose from, feel free to contact us. We will provide you with the requested information in Chinese language.
              If you need detailed, more specific information tailored to your investment needs, then rather than using the general information sources, we recommend contacting a professional advisory firm. In this case we will put you in touch with a reputable advisory firm who will be able to assist you in the following, at the negotiated fees, terms and conditions:
              Phase 1 – Planning
              Phase 1 – Planning
              Site selection
              Assistance in identifying the optimal location for your investment (talent pool, infrastructure, real estate, etc.)
              Negotiation assistance in meetings with key local stakeholders
              Incentives for the investment
              Selecting the optimal incentives for your circumstances
              Benchmarking cash grant offers with offers other projects received
              Assistance in negotiations with government agencies – to maximize the incentives
              Tax structuring
              Identifying the optimal holding and financing structure
              Corporate tax, local tax and VAT optimization of planned activities
              Phase 2 – Establishment of business presence
              Phase 2 – Establishment of business presence
              Company establishment
              Determining the optimal legal form of the local entity
              Preparation of all legal documents for establishment
              Registering the local entity at the Court and other authorities
              Real estate advisory
              Assistance in negotiation with the seller
              Tax and legal advisory in the purchase Banking financing
              Assistance in developing the appropriate business plan to be presented for banks
              Guidance during bank negotiations on the conditions of the loans
              Setting up the operating model-internal
              Development of accounting systems and policies ensuring compliance with IFRS and/or local GAAP
              Assistance in developing and implementing internal processes
              Assistance in IT system selection/implementation for running the process
              Developing HR policies(employment & remuneration) Setting up the operating model-supply chain
              Determining the optimal contractual model within the supply chain (license vs contract manufacturer structure)
              Setting up customs procedures, acquiring customs licenses
              Assistance in developing transfer prices
              Phase 3 – Ongoing operations
              Phase 3 – Ongoing operations
              Statutory audit
              Providing statutory audit services under local GAAP and IFRS
              Accounting and tax compliance
              Booking and Accounting Compliance
              Preparation and filing of all tax returns and submissions to other authorities
              Company Secretariat Services
              Payroll services
              Developing the optimal tax and social security position for expatriates
              Expatriate tax and social security compliance
              Assistance in immigration procedures (work and residence permit, etc)
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