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              Enterprise Financial Management Association of China

              Talent Evaluation

              A talent fostering system and capability-centered evaluation system developed according
              to thenational human resources development plan and procedures issued
              by relevant departments of the state government.

              Zhenghao Tax Services Co.,ltd. (Accredited for One Star, Two Star and Three Star Talents Evaluation)

              Zhenghao Tax Services Co.,ltd., with the support of the China Certified Tax Agents Association and approval by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People's Republic of China, is the first joint stock tax firm in China with registered capital of 60 million RMB.

              Its mission is to provide professional finance and tax services for enterprises, improve their financial management performance and serve for the new normal development of the national economy.

              It aims to build the largest professional tax service platform in China and become the largest and most capable tax service firm in China.

              At present, the firm is staffed with 2000 employees, of which, 750 are registered tax agents and certified accountants.

              Committee for the Evaluation of Chinese Enterprise Financial Management Talents (Accredited for One Star, Two Star, Three Star, Four Star and Five Star Talent Evaluation)

              Committee for the Evaluation of Chinese Enterprise Financial Management Talents, formerly known as the Beijing Institute of Qualification Examination for Tax Managers and Tax Accountants, was established in December 2015 and is accountable to Beijing Social Science Federation in terms of professional development.

              The Committee is designed to improve the evaluation of enterprise management talents and develop a qualification evaluation system for generally accepted professional managers. It is the first professional research institution in China to focus on the evaluation of professional managers’ qualifications and capabilities and the cultivation of market-based and specialized professional managers for enterprises. It is supported by over 30 full-time and part-time researchers.

              Accredited for One Star, Two Star and Three Star Talents Evaluation
              • Beijing Wuzi University
              • Shaanxi Institute of International Trade & Commerce
              • Hebei University of Economics and Business
              • Jilin University of Finance and Economics
              • Yunnan University of Finance and Economics
              • Liaoning Technical University
              • Beijing Technology and Business University
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